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Ragusa, classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002, is one of the most important cities of arts in Italy due to its varied artistic and archeological riches, a legacy of its history which dates back several thousand years. Ragusa was originally built on a small steep-sided hill with deep valleys on three sides. After the earthquake of 1693, which destroyed many of south-eastern Sicily’s buildings, it was decided to rebuild Ragusa on higher, more level ground nearby.

So, nowadays, Ragusa has two parts: Ibla (or Ragusa Ibla), the older nucleus on its hilltop, and Ragusa Superiore, the more modern upper town.

Charming combination of old and new, the new city with a modern layout and Ragusa Ibla that preserves its atmosphere of picturesque medieval village on its ruins, but rebuilt in Sicilian Baroque style with a lot of very elegant buildings. Dry walls, golden fields of grains, farms, olive and carob trees, sandy beaches enrich the landscape, historic result of different cultures from Greece to the Liberty. Unique literary setting, now Ragusa is also one of the principal filming locations in Sicily.

Ragusa invites you to discover high quality products through flavours and aromas, perfumes and colours, in a vertiginous involvement of all senses.

In the heart of Ragusa’s countryside (15 km), it is possible to visit the Castle of Donnafugata. The building underwent various transformations, over the centuries. The private palace took on its current appearance when it became the holiday residence of the baron Corrado Arezzo de Spuches di Donnafugata, in nineteenth century. The castle, with its gothic-venetian style, the massive square tower, the loggia screened by pointed arches, the immense park with exotic vegetation, a labyrinth and artificial caves, is one of the most spectacular site in Sicily. Today, the Castle of Donnafugata hosts the Arezzo di Trifiletti’s Collection, “Three centuries of fashion“, an exceptional collection of clothings, historical and ceremonial uniforms, celebrity dresses, thousands of clothes with their accessories.

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